‘Comes in Threes’ Chapbook Available for Sale!

Comes in Threes is a self-published poetry and art chapbook i created and published March 9th, 2021. i first created a zine that contained eleven poems and a few digital art pieces in March of 2017 by the same name. the 2021 chapbook version contains poems that were in the zine version and have been heavily edited. some are new, never seen poems i wrote for the chapbook. there are six (sadness) poems that were inspired by Mary Ruefle’s sadness poems. two poems, tarantella and reverie, were inspired by poems my late great-grandpa wrote in his memoir.

there are two size options available for sale here, the larger 8×10 inch version has a glossy cover, and the 5.5×8.5 inch version has a matte cover. all copies of either version will come with a randomly chosen free print from these three. i’ve also added bundle options now! there are physical copy + three art print bundles, and digital copy + art print bundles.

the digital (PDF) version of the chapbook is available for any donation amount over venmo.

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