postcard prints!

only four days now until the official release of my chapbook Comes in Threes! I’m so excited for people to see it, i managed to get an ISBN and everything! i’ve been working this week on making three of the artworks in Comes in Threes into postcard-sized prints. i’m still fine-tuning them, but anyone who purchases a copy of CiT will receive a postcard print for free with their copy! i’ll just be randomly choosing and popping one in before delivery. they will be made available for a fixed price starting March 9th as well, and i’ll make some bundle options if people want to purchase a print or a few + a digital copy of the chapbook – which, by the way, digital copies are available for pre-order right now too, with any donation amount accepted over venmo! if you would like to pre-order a digital copy and a postcard print, just note that in your venmo transaction and donate any amount over $10! more concrete info on the prints will be posted next week.

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